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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Draghi announces 60 bn euro/month QE plan, keeps rates unchanged -

Draghi announces 60 bn euro/month QE plan, keeps rates unchanged -

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sao Paulo, Brazil

My first visit to Sao Paulo was in 2002 and I have great memories of the
nice trip.

I landed in Sao Paulo morning 7.30 am by BRITISH AIRWAYS flight and it was a long flight since it took off from London only by 11 pm . I was tired and was greeted by a local Taxi guy to take me to a good Hotel at Rua Chacara San Antonio.

Accord Hotels , the hotel which I Checked in was neat and tidy and the services were excellent and has a inbuilt Bar and Restaurant and a nice Bodyguard who likes like Mike Tyson. Hotel services are excellent, the laundry, food and the morning breakfast were good and upto standard for the Business Traveller. The Accord also has a good swimming pool at the top of the Hotel and can be used to relax a bit after a hard day or on weekends.

Muffins, Mozarella are my favorites and Black tea was excellent and to mention Tea, Brazil has many varieties of Tea and Coffee for travellers like me to taste and carry them back to my own town.

We were taken to a Karaoke Restaurant by a local brazilian and my colleague at office
and wonder what my friends had got a blind date from a girl who was there. We wee happy that we got something out of a karaoke sitting. Next day, we saw
two handsome german girls standing out of our Hotel asking for my friend who is pretty handsome, tall and well built. They were pressing for this guy to accompany them and ultimately have fun.

I was on my way back from office to hotel that i noticed my friends going out deserting the blind date (german ladies) and informing me to take care. Not to get worried, I told the germans that I can take you to Indian Restaurant and believe,e, they were not in a mood to listen, but insisted on my friend accompanying him. I spoke to the Hotel Manager. After lot of talk between the hotel guy and the germans they left with sad faces not getting what they wanted.

I was laughing out mad on that day , being a blind date and that too bolt from blue, the oppty was taken in wrong note by my friends. My Friends sped to a nearby Hooters restaurant and had fun while I went out to a Indian Restaurant for my regular

Sao Paulo with its endless streets, traffic, Ayrton Senna Tunnel and the Interlagos Formula 1 Circuit was really good. When it comes to Hospitality,people of Sao Paulo and Brazil are very nice to move with and always give a feeling of warmth and
caring for tourists and were quick to respond to queries and directions.

City of Sao Paulo has great places of attraaction such as the Interlagos circuit, CARREFOUR shopping, Morumbi Shoopping centre and also the Business District of Sao Paulo. Accenture, Oracle and many more companies including PFIZER have their offices in Sao Paulo and it is the heart of Brazil culture and travel.

Paintings are cheap in brazil and one can buy a lot and indulge in revelry all night along especially with Brazilian girls who are hot and Spicy and there is nothing in this world to beat em .

Buses and Taxis are plenty but a word of caution as the Taxi Drivers' sometime take us for a ride with twisted roadways. If you dont know the place make sure that you enquire the normal fare rate and also get some directions before leavivng

Sao Sebastio, Rio and many places are near to Sao Paulo and its a 2 to 3 hrs flight from Sao Paulo.

At Sao Sebastio, you can get a feel of Amazon jungle. We started from Sao Paulo around 11 am and reached there at about 2 pm. Ferry ride was there to take us from one side of the land to the real forest and waterfalls in Sao Sebastio and they have kept a wooden thing in the entrance of the forest, where they give something like our ODOMOS - a mosquito repellant and protection against mosquito bites.

I and my friends applied it and went to the waterfalls and I was watching my friends taking bath in the falls as I could not jump of the waterfall and was scary to get in the very steep waterfall. We hit the beach and rested with a Beer and some
snacks to satiate our hunger and spent a warm evening there and started for
a good walk along the coastline of Sao Sebastio. We settled for a Pizza Hut
for a nice dinner and started journey back to Sao Paulo.

Looking forward to go Brazil again and this time with lots of business ideas and
start a business there.

Next , will be a blog on Rio De Janeiro and its night life and COPA CABANA AND IPANEMA, Worlds Best beaches.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Bern City

Bern , Capital of Switzerland is the most romantic and a nice getaway from the hustling buzzling Business capitals like Zurich and Geneva.

Very Traditional and has great monenments like the Einstein Museum, Kursaal Casino, Zentrum , Bundestag ( Swiss Parliament) and the famous Market and Shopping Malls.

It takes an 1.45 hrs to reach Bern from Zuruch by Train and it costs you 58 CHF to reach destination. The train travel is smooth and cosy and one can take adequate rest post Flight landing at Zurich.

Hotels are Many and its easy to explore options and the best I liked was Hotel Baren Ostermundigen - 100 year hotel and very business minded and services suited to business customers. More Hotels can be seen in the Zentrum and very near to Bern Shopping Malls.

McDonalds, Pizza, Burger King are my favorites and I used to eat my dinner at an
Indian Restaurant which serves Thali, Chapathi and my Naan (yummy mmm)

Conveyance and Transport is the best in Switzerland and No country can match that according to me. You can take Rail pass ( or a Bus Pass ( . Switzerland offers you the option to have a Golden Pass to either travel by Boat,Train, Buses and Trams and all possible forms of Travel which are the hallmark of Switzerland .

Dont Miss the Swiss National Day fireworks sometime during the month of August and its a wonderful spectacle and a non stop experience.

Luv ya Switzerland and Would like to visit Bern if I get Time and Money.

Nothing more to ramble in short time, See ya with more news.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Enchanting Switzerland

Getting down from the Train travelling from Zurich to Bern was amazing as it took 45 mts to reach Bern,Capital of Switzerland. Helped by a Rail staff to lift my bags and got a taxi to reach Hotel Waldhorn. Hotel was small but looked neat. I could not resist to get out on first day after i landed. Got out and ventured to the streets and was amazed at Trams and Buses which looked strange and beautiful to me as they swayed and carried passengers from one stop to another. Streets were clean and football season was in air and i watched football with some guys (native of switzerland) in the nearby restaurant. Weekdays were devoted to work and i was waiting to get out to explore switzerland. First trip on Saturday after a superb breakfast was to the City of Lucerne. Lucerne was 45 mts from Bern Station and Trains in Switzerland are excellent to reach places far and near. After comfortable journey for 45 mts reached Lucerne. Now lets get to attractions in Lucerne and the first attraction which i saw was Lake Lucerne in its glory and wandering Ships from one side of lake to another. I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of Raifessen Music festival and just bumped into the crowd and watched the opening ceremony of the festival. Festival was inaugurated and music in the air and streets were filled with cars which are loud and fast. Walking along Lake Lucerne is like walking on a romantic beach. Not to resist got on a boat from a brier and there was splendid ride for 1 hour with splendid sights sideways starting from old architectures and beautiful landscapes. Main attractions at Lucerne are Lion Monument, Lake Lucerne, Chapel Bridge, Old Tower. Lucerne is an international cultural venue, hosting a series of festivals and offering several excellent museums. Finally, Lucerne is fast developing into a centre for congresses and trade fairs. Lucerne Tourism is the central marketing and sales organisation. Hold on keep the fingers crossed ! More to come on my next blog about Switzerland and its scenic locations and hotspots. Visited - Jun 15, 2006

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